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Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Philadelphia

Carpets and rugs can say a lot about your business — especially when they’re well-maintained. By making the room feel more inviting and put-together, a clean carpet can communicate luxury to your guests. Of course, carpet fibers also tend to attract all kinds of difficult stains, odors, and dirt, making regular maintenance an absolute must. Luckily, our franchise owners can provide professional carpet cleaning with the thorough and reliable results you need!

They have the skills and equipment to perform the following services:

  • Encapsulation cleaning: Using a non-invasive chemical encapsulation treatment, our franchise owners can locate all the dirt lurking in your carpet fibers and simply vacuum it away.
  • Water extraction cleaning: Water extraction is great for carpets that need serious deep cleaning methods. Whether you’ve got natural or synthetic carpet fibers, they'll steam them back to clean in no time!
  • Stain and spot cleaning: Our franchise owners have never met a stain they couldn’t handle. Their spot treatment services will remove most kinds of discoloration from your carpeting.
  • Bonnet cleaning: When you want to avoid fiber shrinkage with a low-moisture treatment, our franchise owners will utilize the latest in bonnet cleaning techniques to thoroughly scrub out dirt.

With hands-on carpet cleaning experience, you can trust that our franchise owners will go far beyond your average carpet cleaning service in Philadelphia. Using advanced eco-friendly cleaning tools, they make sure your carpets get the royal treatment and your rooms look and smell fresh.

From stains and streaks to total floor devastation, our franchise owners have what it takes to remove any kind of contaminants from your floors. They’ll take the time to make sure all of your needs are met.

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