Infection Control Program

Anago Cleaning Systems has added an Ambulatory Surgery Center Infection Control Program to its long list of healthcare cleaning services. Our ASC ICP Kit and Program is a service we've designed to help control infection in Physician Practices, and particularly surgery centers, to minimize and reduce the risk of patient infection. We have done so by designing a small acrylic case that holds three different chemicals and wipes so that all medical staff can identify Critical, Semi-Critical, and Noncritical areas of their facility and know what product or chemical to use for each specified area.

Anago has set a standard in the Philadelphia area for commercial cleaning and janitorial services for the healthcare industry, and our ASC ICP Kit and Program is an extension of our on-going efforts in this area. Learn more about the safety and cleanliness we can provide for your medical facility through services that include:

  • Infection Control
  • Terminal Cleaning
  • Medical cleaning
  • One-Time cleaning
  • Exposed surfaces disinfection
  • Window cleaning
  • Floor maintenance and commercial carpet cleaning
  • Pre and Post-construction cleaning
  • Special event cleaning
  • Green cleaning

Anago's easy-to-use ASC ICP Kit takes the guesswork out of the important process of disinfection. Medical facilities that use our Ambulatory Surgery Center Infection Control Kit can rest assured that they are killing the micro-organisms on each and every surface and keeping their patients safe from infection.

Anago Cleaning Systems will customize a cleaning schedule for you based on your facility's unique needs. And with the simplicity of our new ASC ICP Kit you can keep critical areas safe and clean on the spot.